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John Hughes

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In addition to working and collaborating in bands too numerous to list, John Hughes plays in duo with Camila Nebbia, Olaf Rupp, Chris Heenan, and Tobias Delius. Below, a select list of some of the releases featuring John's bass playing, and a video archive of some recent performances.

Concert videos

08. June 2021 | blurred edges festival

John Hughes: double bass

Tobias Delius: tenor saxophone 
Els Vandeweyer: vibraphone
Michiel Scheen: piano
Cristiano Calcagnile: drum set

Hamburg, Yoko Club
camera: Reiner Damisch

07. Nov. 2021 | Tonhallenkonzertvideo

Gianni Mimmo: soprano saxophone 
Ove Volquartz: bass and contrabass clarinets 
Björn Lücker: drum set
John Hughes: double bass

Hannover, Rampe
camera: Tonhalle


31. May 2023 | MS Stubnitz

Chad Popple: drum set
John Hughes: double bass

Hamburg, MS Stubnitz
camera: MS Stubnitz


04. October 2022 | Klub Primi

Camila Nebbia: tenor saxophone
John Hughes: double bass

Copenhagen, Klub Primi

17. June 2023 | FATJAZZ

Michael Moore: alto saxophone
Marte Winnitzki: piano
John Hughes: double bass
Björn Lücker: drum set

Hamburg, Brückenstern
camera: Reiner Damisch


17. August 2015 | MS Stubnitz

Olaf Rupp: electric guitar
Michael Vorfeld: percussion
John Hughes: double bass

Hamburg, MS Stubnitz
camera: MS Stubnitz



Reflejos IV - VII | Waveform Alphabet 2023

John Hughes, Andrew Raffo Dewar and Chad Popple

cadenza del crepuscolo | Amirani 2023

John Hughes, Gianni Mimmo, Ove Volquartz, and Peer Schlechta

Psyladellic | Superco 2022

John Hughes, Jan Hellwig, Frank Paul Schubert, and Chad Popple

Plursathn | Audio Semantics 2020

John Hughes and Olaf Rupp

Reflejos | pfMentum 2018

John Hughes, Andrew Raffo Dewar and Chad Popple

play the Trio | FMR Records 2017

John Hughes, Bernd Reincke and Chad Popple

Foump | Buback 2014

Piho Hupo: John Hughes, Rolf Pifnitzka, Jörg Hochapfel and Chad Popple

Pailbug | Generate Records 2012

John Hughes, Astrid Weins, Jeff Arnal and Dietrich Eichmann

Discard Hidden Layers? | Schraum 2008

John Hughes, Nicolas Wiese and Lars Scherzberg

Eisenrot | Blue Pearls Music 2007

John Hughes, Heinz Erich Gödecke, C. Schweizer, P. Steen, B. Lücker and D. Dhonau

Mobile | Broken Research 2006

John Hughes and Alberto Braida

Looking in my Ear | Creative Sources 2005

Tripwire: John Hughes, Lars Scherzberg and Jeff Arnal

Propele Di Katsa  | Generate Records 2003

John Hughes, Barbara Fuchsberger and Jörg Hochapfel

Tripwire | Generate Records 2002

John Hughes, Lars Scherzberg, Jeff Arnal, Dietrich Eichmann, Giancarlo Locatelli, and Alberto Braida


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