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John Hughes

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Hosho has been an active band for more than 15 years, playing the original compositions of Hughes, brought to life by the musicality, creativity, trust, and interplay of all three members.

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Band members

Jörg Hochapfel: piano

Jörg Hochapfel possesses a deep love and fascination for music and art, evident in his virtuosic piano playing. His interests span genre, geography and history, encompassing Jazz, European and folk forms, performance art, art rock, and noise. Jörg's approach to the written material of Hosho delve deeper than mere interpretation, due to his dedication and contribution to the music. Jörg can also be heard in his own bands Hunger, Palais d’Amour, and Bruchgold & Koralle as a composer, pianist, electronic musician, and singer.

Chad Popple: drum set

Chad Popple began playing drums at age five and has continued studying percussion ceaselessly ever since, with interest and inspiration spanning the globe. Chad's profound understanding of Indian carnatic music, Persian tombak, Gamelan, and countless other sources have informed his musicality with a sophistication unlike any other. His background in hardcore, metal, and math rock sharpen his edginess on the drums.

John Hughes: double bass

John Hughes is a professional double bassist, residing in Hamburg, Germany. In addition to leading and collaborating with numerous bands and as a solo artist, John composes for small ensembles, and organizes concerts for Jazz and free improvised music in Hamburg. John’s massive sound and boundless creativity inspire his bandmates and captivate the audience every time he takes the bandstand.


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